01 July 2010


home visits are my favorite
not only do i get to see patients
but i also get to see how they live
extreme privilege to see people's homes...

walking to a home since our car didn't have enough power to make it up the hill

driver goofs around while waiting for us

knocking to make sure we have the right place
there are no street addresses in mongolia
you find a place by the description that people give you
sometimes we knock at a random house to ask for directions

we're met by the unlikeliest people:
usually little kids
but most of the time, we're met by the scariest dogs you'll ever encounter
you have no idea how i wish i had gotten my rabies vaccine before coming to mongolia
the most useful phrase to know when making home visits:
"nokhoi khorio"
hold the dog!!!
learned that one on my first day

taking blood pressure of a patient

without adequate equipment, ganjargal has to be creative

tseegii checks on a newborn while i check the mom
babies frequently have jaundice

claudia checks the vitals of a man 

so happy about my first home visits in mongolia

it seems to be common practice to not tell patients of their diagnosis
when the diagnosis is cancer
the family members are aware but not the patient
seems unethical
they justify this practice by saying that such a diagnosis will mentally harm the patient
not telling them is
"better for the patient"

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