27 June 2010

Шэжид Дүг: Shejid Düg Clinic

Shejid Düg Clinic

1/4 MD's from the states
1/4 MD + 1/4 MD + 1/4 MD + 1/4 MD = 1 MD
(me + elaine + claudia + christine)
false logic?
perhaps just wishful thinking

tseegii, the head doctor of the clinic
she's the best

ganjargal and tseegii

the staff at the clinic

lunch at the clinic:
there are no plates and never enough utensils
everyone uses their cups or mugs
claudia creatively uses a tongue depressor as her spoon

teaching jinri to take blood pressure

an excellent student

she practices taking bp on herself

end of the day:
walking to the microbus stop

26 June 2010

There Are Buses; Then There Are MICRObuses

bus 27:
all buses in UB are old korean buses
still with original korean bus numbers like this one above: 9-137
you would think they would at least paint over it....

bus ticketing ladies are not to be messed with:
they are kick-ass mean!
i've witnessed many ladies literally kicking drunkards off the bus at 9 in the morning
alcoholism is a huge problem in mongolia

buses are rarely this empty

my first bus ride in mongolia with claudia

 i always see interesting random things or people on the bus
wish i could capture them all on camera...

 the regular bus rides are pretty interesting in themselves
the microbuses... 
i could have sworn this microbus was full of bullet holes
unfortunately or fortunately, they were just stickers, as claudia pointed out
i decided it was still worth a photo

 there are no lines
people basically fight to get on the bus since space is limited

 how many people can a microbus fit?

 too many
and claudia can attest to that:
a stranger falls asleep and keeps head-butting claudia

there are no rules on the microbus
full of passengers, microbuses will stop for gas

our stop for the clinic

25 June 2010

"National Dish" and "National Clothes" with My Lovely Host Family

dojko, my host brother, is rolling out what i called "mongolian pizza"

which kept getting bigger and bigger

as dojko started to roll the dough,
he said he was making a "mongolian national dish"

i told him it looked like he was making "mongolian spaghetti"

my host cousin helped by chopping all the veggies for this "national dish"

"emee," my host grandma, sat in an old school desk-chair,
and watched the boys cook away like professionals

dojko poses proudly with his "mongolian national dish"
i still don't know its proper name and so i call it:
"mongolian spaghetti with mutton, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes"
(the same ingredients for all the mongolian dishes i've had so far)

my host mother stirs the cooked and ready-to-eat "national dish"
while my little host sister looks cute as always

my host father, eegii, and my host mother, gunjee

mongolian-english and english-mongolian dictionaries are never far away
even during dinner

it's always fun communicating by charades when dictionaries fail

after dinner:
my host mother dresses me up in her del
"mongolian national clothes"

happy to be adopted into my lovely mongolian family

24 June 2010

Trans-Mongolian Railway

here i go!

my berth compartment

enjoying the magnificent view

lunch with a russian french-canadian and chinese-speaking romanian:
train restaurant

tea boiler

first stop:
sweet little chinese boy waves, wishing me a good journey

and we're off again...

chinese border: erlian

meeting interesting people at the border control:
a free-spirited californian and a shaman-seeking japanese man

exiting china and entering mongolia...

car #1 mongolian train-master, keeping everyone under control

waking up to see my first ger:
slept and missed seeing the gobi at night

vast beauty

Welcome to Mongolia!