24 July 2010

Ger: Mongolian Homes

ger sweet ger

welcoming you into a ger
for a little glimpse of mongolian traditional homes
cooking stove:
always the center of the ger
spiritually and physically
beautiful doors
although most gers have sinks inside,
some can be found outdoors

kitschy miniature ger that i refuse to purchase;
they are EVERYWHERE!

if i could, however, i would buy a real one and have it shipped to chicago!
 some model gers for sale

1 comment:

  1. Hey!
    Sweet little blog you've got going.
    I live with my two children in a ger in sweden. It's a rather modern if yet classic ger made in Czech Republic. At the moment we have the stove by the eastern wall, fluepipe exiting thru the wall. However In the next move I will place it in the center as it clearly should be, for obvious spiritual and practical reasons. What I'm wondering though is in a Mongolian ger when the stove is used the canvas and felt covering the tono is pulled back and the fluepipe placed on the stove right? So the ger roof is always open when the stove is lit right? I really appreciate having the fire going with roof closed in the cold winter and during heavy rains and would like to keep having that feature even with the stove in the center. Summed up, I'm just curious if the Mongolian people ever use their stoves with roof closed using a fluepipe flashing in the tono cover.
    Enjoy yer day and take good care!