24 July 2010

Ger: Mongolian Homes

ger sweet ger

welcoming you into a ger
for a little glimpse of mongolian traditional homes
cooking stove:
always the center of the ger
spiritually and physically
beautiful doors
although most gers have sinks inside,
some can be found outdoors

kitschy miniature ger that i refuse to purchase;
they are EVERYWHERE!

if i could, however, i would buy a real one and have it shipped to chicago!
 some model gers for sale

09 July 2010

Baby Massage Parlor: Rickets Prevention

 in mongolia, rickets affects one in every four children under the age of one
there is a higher prevalence in urban areas with more symptoms of severe rickets*

building a temporary baby massage parlor

lucky little ones get a nice oil massage

while other lucky ones play in the sand for a few hours

and they get treats full of vitamin D and calcium
sponsored by world vision
great incentive to keep moms coming back for more sun and fun

studies suggest that rickets in mongolian children is vitamin D deficiency, 
probably of multifactoral origin, 
with both low oral intakes and limited ultraviolet sunlight exposure being involved
also calcium deficiency, in particular, 
may be contributing to the development of vitamin D deficiency*

i still think that swaddling could be a huge contributing factor to rickets in mongolia
despite what one study concludes....


07 July 2010

Bundles of Joy

it gets boiling hot in mongolia: high 90's
there's no air-conditioning in the clinic
we're lucky when we have electricity
 (and running water)
yet babies come to the clinic bundled in layers

layer after layer after layer
baby 1

baby 2

baby 3
all wrapped and ready to go!