06 July 2010

Rain and Cars in the Red Hero City

the roads in UB are terrible
in unbelievably bad shape
they might as well be unpaved
it's hard to see, but this car is driving around a huge pothole as big as the car itself

mongolia is known as the "Land of the Blue Sky"
it boast over 260 days of sunny days a year
but june and july are the rainiest months of the year
 and luckily for me, i get to experience both the intense sun as well as the rain
and see the aftereffects of the rain in UB

after the rain, the potholes and streets get flooded
cars avoid driving on the "paved" street by driving on the unpaved sidewalk
but other brave souls drive on through

poor cars

at least the cars don't get thrown away when they stop running
spare parts get used in unlikeliest but most creative places

people drive on the right side of the road in mongolia
half of the cars are from japan and other countries, where people drive on the left
the other half of the cars are from korea and others, where people drive on the right
in mongolia, half the cars have driver's side on the right and the other half on the left

maybe that's what makes traffic so chaotic in UB

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