27 June 2010

Шэжид Дүг: Shejid Düg Clinic

Shejid Düg Clinic

1/4 MD's from the states
1/4 MD + 1/4 MD + 1/4 MD + 1/4 MD = 1 MD
(me + elaine + claudia + christine)
false logic?
perhaps just wishful thinking

tseegii, the head doctor of the clinic
she's the best

ganjargal and tseegii

the staff at the clinic

lunch at the clinic:
there are no plates and never enough utensils
everyone uses their cups or mugs
claudia creatively uses a tongue depressor as her spoon

teaching jinri to take blood pressure

an excellent student

she practices taking bp on herself

end of the day:
walking to the microbus stop

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