26 June 2010

There Are Buses; Then There Are MICRObuses

bus 27:
all buses in UB are old korean buses
still with original korean bus numbers like this one above: 9-137
you would think they would at least paint over it....

bus ticketing ladies are not to be messed with:
they are kick-ass mean!
i've witnessed many ladies literally kicking drunkards off the bus at 9 in the morning
alcoholism is a huge problem in mongolia

buses are rarely this empty

my first bus ride in mongolia with claudia

 i always see interesting random things or people on the bus
wish i could capture them all on camera...

 the regular bus rides are pretty interesting in themselves
the microbuses... 
i could have sworn this microbus was full of bullet holes
unfortunately or fortunately, they were just stickers, as claudia pointed out
i decided it was still worth a photo

 there are no lines
people basically fight to get on the bus since space is limited

 how many people can a microbus fit?

 too many
and claudia can attest to that:
a stranger falls asleep and keeps head-butting claudia

there are no rules on the microbus
full of passengers, microbuses will stop for gas

our stop for the clinic

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